Do you provide obligation free quotes?

We are happy to provide obligation free quotes, however, we prefer that any information provided to us is confirmed with a site inspection and/or that we are supplied with detailed construction plans. Prices quoted are confidential and will remain firm for 30 days only.

What guarantee / warranty do you offer on your installation service?

At Coolstate Air-conditioning we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a professional and exceptional quality installation service. We back this with a 12 month warranty on workmanship (not including any manufacturers warranty).

How long would I expect to wait for you to schedule our installation?

There are a number of considerations when determining when your air conditioning units will be installed, however we aim for 1 to 2 weeks after successfully engaging your order, and includes the ordering and delivery of your selected unit/s and associated materials. We will discuss time frames personally with you should you select Coolstate Air-conditioning.

Which system is better – ducted or split – reverse cycle or cooling only?

From our experience, every job is different. What may be the best solution for one type of installation may not be appropriate for a similar job. At Coolstate Air-conditioning, we can help you through these decisions to ensure that your air conditioning needs and budget are individually considered to provide you with a tailored solution.

Isn’t it cheaper to just buy a ‘no-name’ brand air conditioner and install it myself?

Like most things – you pay for what you get. Whilst the initial cost of the unit may save you money, the cost of running the unit may quickly add up in the long run. Depending on the energy efficiency rating of the unit purchased, you may get a very unpleasant surprise when receiving your first electricity bill! Air conditioning systems must be installed by qualified persons (by law) able to perform the necessary electrical and refrigerant fittings.

What temperature setting should I have my air conditioner set at?

The set point of your unit/s is a personal thing. Anywhere from 21 to 26 degrees (C) is recommended, however the best setting is one that suits you. After successful installation of your new unit by Coolstate Air-conditioning, we will assist you to help find your desired level of comfort.

How often does an air conditioning unit need to be serviced?

We recommend that filters should be cleaned every 3 months, with a full service every 12 months. We will discuss your servicing needs personally with you, including those we provide, after installing your new unit/s.

We really don’t know what we need – can you help?

We most certainly can. We are experienced in determining the cooling and heating requirements required in your home, and the health and comfort requirements of staff in your workplace.

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