Air conditioning units need to be regularly cleaned as they can harbour a variety of organisms such as mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and human skin cells, which can make you and your family sick.


Air conditioning units need to be regularly cleaned as they can harbour a variety of organisms such as mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria and human DNA, (skin cells), which can make you and your family sick.

Your air conditioner is the best way to beat the heat, providing wonderful cool air no matter what the temperature is outside, but unless you keep it properly cleaned you could be breathing in all sorts of microbial contaminants.

Coolstate offer comprehensive air conditioning cleaning servicing. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising split systems, ceiling cassette units and even ducted. Coolstate aim to keep your air fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life.

When you get your air conditioning cleaned with HydroKleen you will not only stay healthier you will also save money as the unit will run more efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional cleaning service. We will be there when you need us and we will do the job to the highest standards. Our team are ready to go, so give us a call now and we will be around in no time to clean your air conditioner, so you and your family can breathe healthy air again.

“A rise in condensing temperature from 35 to 40°C as a result of dirty coils can cut cooling capacity by 7% and increase power consumption by 10%. Such performance degradation in a 35kW unit can increase operating costs by $250 per year.”

US Department of Energy

“Air Conditioners can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi… Your best defense is to keep your AC unit well-maintained and routinely serviced.”

Dr. Mark Mendell


There are 3 very good reasons for cleaning your air conditioners regularly.


Hydrocleaning a dirty air conditioner/heat pump can save you up to 30% power usage for that unit.

A dirty coil means the unit has to work harder to cool the air because there is much “less clean” surface area for the hot air to pass over.

If the blower fan (drum) is covered in dirt and grime – air velocity decreases dramatically and so you are tempted to turn up the fan speed and turn down the temperature in order to cool the room down. This of course is going to use more power! When we Hydroclean your blower fan we normally more than double the volume of air passing through it. This means that the fan motor is not working nearly as hard.


The second reason is especially significant to allergy suffers, children and the sick. All air conditioners, after regular usage, become infected with “microbial contamination” – This contamination includes fungi, mould and bacteria. Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps are the perfect environment for such contaminants and of course, become constantly airborne every time you switch your air conditioner on. Mould combined with humidity can be a potent mix.


A regularly cleaned air conditioner will last a lot longer than one that never gets serviced. For example, if you purchased a new car and never serviced it (changed the oil/air cleaner etc) it may last 5 or so years if that! Your air conditioner is no different. The only reason you wouldn’t clean it, is if you never used it!

In summary – consumers are generally not made aware of the above and so are under the belief that cleaning your filters is enough. Cleaning your filters is “simple maintenance”. After regular usage the whole head unit also needs to be thoroughly hydrocleaned.